Finally finished the motor mounts.


Okay I just got in from Ottawa Fastener and got some bolts to complete the engine mounts for my mill. Wohoo.

I’ve got quite a queue of things do!

Nema23 Motor Mount Shims

nema 23

The first run on the Poly mill produced these Nema 23 Motor Mount Shims from acrylic.

Now I need to get some longer bolts to mount the 1/4 inch shaft motors.

As you can see, I put the shims underneath the current motor mounts.

This makes sure that the opening to service the coupler screws lines up with the coupler.

It also keeps the acrylic away from the heat of the motor. I think it can handle the heat but why not use the material that came with the machine.

It is slower than my Chinese mill but it gets the work done.

3 Axis Nema 23


I am just in from Ogdensburg and I got two 3-Axis-Nema-23 systems.

I also got a small chuck to create a 4th Axis for my CNC mill. It has a 1/2-20 thread on the back so I can add bearings, and belt drive.

I also picked up some really strong magnets.

I’m making some perpetual motion machines and I figured the magnets would come in handy (grin).