Squirrel and World Maker Faire

So I’m finally settled after the NYC trip. The trip was a great success despite having it cut short and missing a chance to do some shopping and take advantage of the 48h+ trip.

I got to show off the project to thousands of people, met piles of new people and also lots of my old friends.

For any of you that are considering World Maker Faire, I’d say just go. You don’t have to have your project ready. If you go you’ll have just as much fun because when you’re presenting you’re a bit tethered to your display so it’s another cool angle.

Look what Joey’s making!

I had the very fine pleasure of meeting Joey of {Web site dissappeared}!

I picked up one of his LED Cube Shields for Arduino. Can’t wait to make it. Stay tuned for a build log!

Anybody need tickets to World Maker Faire?

I have a couple of extra tickets (received them at the Open Hardware Conference).

Get in touch with me!


Holiday Inn and “Happy Holiday”

I’m just watching an awesome movie called Holiday Inn. It’s amazing how much partner dancing has changed. Also how much it has stayed the same!

Here are a couple of fragments of it!

“Easy to dance with”

“Be Careful, it’s my heart”. A lindified foxtrot. 🙂

“Happy Holiday” (For those that aren’t familiar with the movie, this is a drunk dance scene as you’ll see by how it ends. 🙂 Sorry it’s a remix version but it’s the best I found in youtube. :))