New York Maker Faire video clips

This is just a tiny fraction of what I shot which is a tiny fraction of the whole.

You really need to attend to get a feel for the scope of it and how many friendly people you meet.

This video includes stuff from Open Hardware Summit as well as World Maker Faire. Both these events were at the New York Hall of Science which is in Flushing Meadows which is part of New York City.


I came across this video from RobotGrrl.

I got to chat with her a bit in New York City and really like her robots.

RoboBrrd Character from RobotGrrl on Vimeo.

Makerfaire Setup

Makerfaire setup up was easy. I came early to make sure my table was okay.

I started to panic for some reason thinking that I made a mistake by switching to an indoor location.

This year there weren’t as many helpers and stuff on the grounds so it was a lot harder to look into it.

But I got over my concern pretty fast as I was wandering around checking out all the setting up going on.

As you can see I took a few shots of ArcAttack!

OHS Schwag

Thanks to a huge load of sponsors and partners there was a huge load of cool schwag in my registration package.

LEDs, a kit, screw driver, decals, crests, Make Magazine and much more!



World Maker Faire Begins!

I’m just wolfing down a can of sardines and am about 10m from the faire ground. I’ll be online very shortly.

This year I am indoor but will roam more.

Thingiverse and Bre Pettis at OHS

Bre is co-founder of NYCResistor and also of the MakerBot! What a splash that thing made. 🙂

Bre gave a humorous talk at Open Hardware Summit. He talked about the start-up of the Thingiverse Web site as well.


I got to chat and hang out with the RobotGRRL at the Open Hardware Summit! I’m betting we’ll get to chat some more since Erin’s both is close by at World Maker Faire!

More from Open Hardware Summit

A few more pictures. Videos to follow. Perhaps today if I’m not too overwhelmed at the World Maker Faire.


Eric Wilhelm of Instructables (OHS)

This talk was so funny I was crying my eyes out.

He told the story of his childhood and that his parents forbade him from having an air gun. He managed to raise the money and secretly mail order one (which was discovered by his mother after he left home for college). To understand this you must understand “A Christmas Story”.

He went on to share his experiences with the start-up of including the fact that all “twelve year old boys of all ages and genders” want to post DIY guns on the site. He showed some examples that were so extreme they were funny. Especially in the context of the pre-girl infatuation boys have with guns.