Ottawa Solar Power

I dropped by Ottawa Solar Power yesterday. It was a great pleasure to talk to the gentleman at the front desk. I have is card at home and will report later.

He was definitely knowledgeable and no-nonsense and told me about their position. The company is specialized on installing solar in homes with intention of selling this power to the grid.

He gave me a cool booklet on the consumption of common appliances (specific brands and models). I will show some of that when I get it from home in a couple days.

He showed me some of their projects, some of which were of surprising scope. One of the configurations was a panel system with built in invertor that had a 1.5KW capacity. I thought that would be a total sweetheart for the Occupy movement. I wonder if this would be better for the Occupy movement than their Canadian Tire style petroleum solution?

Solar candle system

I’ve been talking with my friend Steve Aplin recently about the Occupy movement and the Ottawa phenomena. He happens to have an apparatus for collecting and storing solar energy and then using it to power a light bulb.

He brought it into the lab since it seems to have stopped working.

I checked the voltage on the gel cell and it suggested that it was toast. So I’ll order another battery and we will try and get this thing in operation.

Perhaps it can help.

If it works, I’m sure Occupy can use it to light their way.