Mail Fail

I went to Ogdensburg to pick something up yesterday. I never know what I’m picking up since I order so much stuff so I need to open the boxes right away to see what’s inside. I then go to the computer and print the paperwork so I can show it at the border.

I opened a box and it was a bunch of Squirrels! I thought “Who’d mail Squirrels to me”?

What happened was I recycled a box that was used to mail something to myself. The postal people used the old label instead of the new label. Ouch. I know now to make sure everything is crossed out on the box!

Ogdensburg! Yippie


The rare time when crossing the border if you have very little stuff they let you go!

That’s what happened yesterday! Yippie! I got some endmills and some cards duty free!

Party in Ogdensburg tonight!

As you can see at the site, they are having a wine and cheese social tonight!

This is great for anybody who goes to pick up parcels in Ogdensburg regularly.  Perhaps it will be an opportunity to meet others who make the trip and collaborate rather than every individual making so many trips.

Anybody coming?

Here are some pictures:

How to ship to Ogdensburg


Mail order is often much cheaper to have it sent to Ogdensburg, New York rather than Ottawa. I’ve seen cases where the postage is twice as much just to ship it to Ottawa which is just an hour drive. Also some ebayers won’t ship outside USA.

To have your mail order shipped to Ogdensburg, simply address your package to:

{Your Name}
2981 Ford Street Extension
Ogdensburg, New York 13669

Verify if your package is received at They also have a Web site at

Once it has arrived, check with your friends before going in case they have stuff to pick up.

Program your GPS and the trip will take just a couple of hours. There will be a fee of $5/item when you pick up at the UPS Store. Also, there is a toll of $2.75US or $3.00CA each way.

You’ll also want to declare your goods when you cross back into Canada as they want to tax you on it.

I often stay for 48h so that I can have 400.00 of duty free (per person in car) brought back. It makes for a great excuse to drive down to New York City or a lot of other great things in Upstate New York.