Pencil holder also works as a picture frame

pencil holderI am making a “jack plate” for my friend Sanjay’s speakers.

We drew it up in Sketchup and I cut the parts out of hardboard on a CNC mill.

I sort of made a mistake because I think the steps per revolution in my Mach 3 configuration was wrong and the part got scaled up slightly.

So the part doesn’t fit of course.

But we figured out what to do with it. It makes a perfect pencil holder. As you can see her it can be used for glue and other object.

It also works very well as an iPhone holder. It becomes a DIY electronic picture frame!



This morning I was making parts for a paper plane launcher and I blew a fuse on the spindle driver on my CNC. Well to be honest, I blew my spare fuse. 🙂 You can see the broken endmill right by the fuse. I added the multi-tip screwdriver for size reference.

It’s rather hard to read what’s on the fuse. It looks like: F6 L250V

It’s 20 x 5mm. [L=.7920″ (20.12mm), W=0.1965″ (4.99mm)].

Should I assume its a 6 Amp fuse that is rated for 250V?