Ottawa Blues Festival Pictures

I went tooting by there on my motorbike this morning.

Not a pretty site. Traffic is still disrupted.

I think it will be hard to explain why it wasn’t important enough to make the installation wind proof. I realize it was a stronger wind than most people expected. But we have to plan for a worse scenario that what most people think.


First try at Aluminum with CNC mill


I took a job out of my queue that required aluminum today. The mill worked well but I had the feed rate wrong or something else was wrong.

As you can see by the first part of the video, I ran the g-code with the mill zeroed a couple of inches away from the workpiece so I could make sure I was away from the clamps and everything was okay.

The job started okay. I seemed to have good rates for the hole drilling.

But when it came to some longer cuts, it seemed to strain. I was taking off 1/64th inch per pass which I figure is small so perhaps I was going too fast. I threw some water onto the cutting area to see what would happen. I had to cut the feed rate right down and it still eventually started to strain.

In fact, I reached a point where it wasn’t cutting at all.

I looked at the endmill after finally stalling the mill. It was gummed up with aluminum. I’m supposing it melted the aluminum.