Huge pad of paper

I went to Wallacks to get some markers for glass and I came across this huge pad of paper for about 5 bucks.

It’s pretty soft but I’ll give it a try with the drawing robot.

Drawbot Spools!

paper spools

I got some spooled paper for my drawbot project!

The idea is it can feed itself. Perhaps I should look at having the Y axis done through a stepper motor driving the spool? I’d either have to drive the paper directly or vary the speed based on the radius of the spool.

I suppose having the stepper drive the spool with a wheel pressing against the outer part of the spool itself solves the problem.

Then I’d only have to implement an X axis. Might be sufficiently simple to have a pen lifter or multiple pens then.

I have a paper cutter but it’s very short.

Any idea how to snip off 18 5/8″ of paper?

Paper Plane launch challenge

I am doing lots of workshops with children and adults to make paper planes.

I figure it would be lots of fun to have some sort of paper plane launch system.

Also with the elder people, they don’t have the arm to throw the planes very far. So a launcher might be great for them too. I bet the engineer types may find it good conversation as well.

On March 6th, there is a paper plane competition in Ottawa! I will go there and see if I can learn anything! I will be reporting back soon!

One idea that was suggested to me is the I actually thought of this but I’m concerned that kids will get injured. Also I’ve not worked out any good mechanism for towing and releasing the planes. I will look further into this idea though.

Another idea was to use a blow gun. I was thinking of this for my circle plane. It might need a lot of force to work though!