Parts coming out of my ears


Making things with CNC is one thing but now that I’m doing electronics it has increased the “on-hand” parts and also there is temptation to make trips to local suppliers such as Active. That’s a lot of time.

I needed a 10K resistor yesterday (or the day before). I was able to save the trip by string up a bunch of smaller resistors but I can see where this is going.

So I just ordered resistors of all these sizes.

1R0	 7R5	62R	 3K0	 56K	 2M2
1R2	 9R1	100R	 4K3	 100K	 2M7
1R3	 10R	 120R	 4K7	 120K	 3M0
1R5	 11R	 130R	 5K1	 180K	 3M3
1R6	 12R	 150R	 8K2	 300K	 3M6
1R8	 15R	 160R	 10K	 360K	 4M3
2R0	 16R	 240R	 11K	 430K	 4M7
2R2	 18R	 270R	 13K	 510K	 5M6
2R4	 20R	 300R	 16K	 680K	 9M1
2R7	 24R	 330R	 22K	 1M0	 10M
3R0	 30R	 390R	 30K	 1M1	 15M
4R3	 43R	 2K0	 33K	 1M2	 18M
4R7	 47R	 2K2	 36K	 1M3	 20M
5R6	 51R	 2K4	 43K	 1M5	 22M
6R2	 56R	 2K7	 47K	 2M0	 100M

Princes Auto is a good place to buy motors

I was at Princess Auto recently and noticed they have lots of motors of all sizes.

I think I have enough motors for my projects but at least we know one more place to go to get stuff quickly.

UPS parts: Any takers?


I pulled a ups apart for parts.

It has lots of other goodies. Heat sinks, large capacitors, large transformer, small transformers.

The cabinet itself too.

Anybody want this?

Drag chains


I just received my order of assorted drag chains and 4 conductor wire. Yippie!

Now I can rewire my mill without toasting the wiring that’s on it!

I got a few extra to hold me over till I figure out how to make them (if that’s possible). I remember Andrew Plumb pointing me to a makerbotable but I’m not sure if that will be too much hassle.

We’ll see what comes forward.

Makergear google group

I joined this group the other day (I suppose Friday 11th, Feb, 11) since I’m anxiously awaiting my plastruder from them. It was a little tricky making sure that I had everything I needed from their site. We’ll see if I have all the stuff when I try to connect it to my CNC.


I just learned that my new extruder from MakerGear was shipped today!
I’m so excited I can’t stand it!

I’m going to attach it to my CNC mill and make plastic parts (I hope).

I don’t know how long it will take to ship to NY but I’m very excited
to receive it and get it going.

My mill is run by Mach 3. Anybody have experience with that?

I also have EMC2. What about that one?

My extruder has a stepper motor. What do I connect the stepper
controller to? A pin on parallel port?

My project page is It has all my projects of
making things.

Darcy Whyte