LED generator

After finding out that a piezoelectric disk has enough juice to light an LED I made a generator.

I think this concept could very well work much better than those cheap flashlights that you crank. They have either batteries or magnets and are quite heavy. I think one of these could be made with lots of LEDs to make a useful flashlight that is very light.

Either way, it is a fun experiment. 🙂

Piezo Generator

I’ve been thinking of ways of creating interactivity with LEDs.

One of the issues you run into is controlling them. You can control a few with an Arduino easily but when you have a lot of them it starts getting messy pretty fast.

Something  just dawned on me.  I happen to have a piezoelectric disk so I put an LED against it and I was totally amazed that there was enough current to light the LED! So I soldered it and tried a few simple experiments.

So an LED can be activated mechanically. Further, this could prove to be a great way of harvesting small amounts of electricity from mechanical systems.