Ikea cutting boards on sale for $2

These things seem to be great for cutting with CNC.

It’s pretty tough material and it behaves when cut with an endmill.

I think it would be great for parts that do not require extreme accuracy.

I’m making a coaster here.

Nema23 Motor Mount Shims

nema 23

The first run on the Poly mill produced these Nema 23 Motor Mount Shims from acrylic.

Now I need to get some longer bolts to mount the 1/4 inch shaft motors.

As you can see, I put the shims underneath the current motor mounts.

This makes sure that the opening to service the coupler screws lines up with the coupler.

It also keeps the acrylic away from the heat of the motor. I think it can handle the heat but why not use the material that came with the machine.

It is slower than my Chinese mill but it gets the work done.

CNC Mill made from Polyethylene

polyethylene plastic mill

I spent some time getting the electrical going for the Polyethylene mill.

The electrical is a Nema 23, 3-Axis.

I wired it up with some nice long wires so I can add the drag chains later. I decided to just run it for a while before installing the drag chains.

I just used a dremel as a spinle motor. Not perfect but when you think of it, it’s great value overall.

It runs nice.

DIY Mill made from HDPE


I just picked up an interesting mill. Here are the specifications and a couple of pictures.

I found it on ebay.

I saw other DIY mills from the seller.

I was surprised to learn that they were made in Quebec. I messaged them to find out if I could pick it up to avoid the 100.00 delivery charge.

They said no.

So I kept shopping and exploring.

I recently asked another question (how much does it weigh). No answer. Now I understand the ebay feedback on “do they answer questions”.

I saw one that was for auction so I placed a bid and this evening I won it.

Too bad I can’t pick it up since they are only just outside of Montreal. That would be gas to Montreal+ and more.

I look forward to getting it running and reviewing it!

The specifications are:

-Durable HDPE (High Density Polyethylene)
-0.75″ shaft with super-oilite self-lubricating bronze bushings (inside HDPE bloc)
-1/2-10 Acme Lead Screws
-24 t-nuts threaded steel (1/4-20) inserts for convenient fastening of the workpiece.
-Router mounts included (e-mail for your choice).
-This model allows you to change the sleeves blocks for real  bearings block (TWA12UU, SPB12 etc).
-Table size: 26 x 20.5 (inches)
-Travels: X-13.0 Y-16.0 Z-4.0 (Inches)