145pm drawbot start

I’m running the biggest job yet. The system is estimating quite a bit of time, I may need to pause it at night as it needs supervision at this point for ink supply.

The processing side is running very low, I think the drawbot controller needs to reboot. I’m getting quite a bit of ink bleed. I will let it run for a while and see what happens. The estimated finish time is tomorrow at 5pm.

Once it goes through all the shades once I’ll assess if I should bail the job and reboot the controller or rough it through.

I better set up another machine so I can be running two of these tests at once.

6pm: Was not ready but I did a marker change so I could go eat and do other errands.


First portrait from drawing robot

I just arrived at the lab and was pleased to see that the robot made a drawing over night.

The marker ran out so it didn’t run after it stopped. Like I knew what I was doing.

This portrait took two markers. I used the BiC Mark-it, fine point, permanent marker.

They don’t go very far on this porous paper. I may try the smoother paper. But for now, I’m pretty happy with this.

Big Bot drawing test

This is working quite nicely. I made some mistakes on the conversion of colors to shades but I’m going to let it run through to see if there are any other issues.