New York Maker Faire preparation

I’ve been thinking about everything that needs to be brought to the World Maker Faire in New York City for the Squirrel Model Airplane project.

Here are some ideas:

Logistics Squirrel Hardware Promotional Stuff
(o) 2 way radios
(o) Cameras (batteries, chargers and tripods)
(o) Laptop to show video (wireless booster, DD-WRT router)
(-) Extension cord & power bar
(x) Portable tray with wheels for roaming

(o) US paperwork (passport, drivers licence)
(o) GPS w. base (backup gps, maps)
(o) 12-120V inverter
(o) Cell phone (charger)
(-) Beer
(o) Transportation (o)
(o) Accommodation (o)
(-) 6 Days clothes and personal
(-) 5 days food (sardines! yeah!)
(-) Blow-up mattress & towels (backup)

Squirrel Specific
(o) Squirrel Kits so people can see what they look like
(o) Material/tools to demonstrate (balsa, rubber, propellers)
(-) Stands
(o) Laptop w. extra monitor for video
(o) Flat boxes (will make from cardboard onsite)
(x) Marauder (project not complete)
(x) Apron that can hold squirrels
(-) Landing gear project
(-) String

(o) Video
(o) Posters (QR code, info, logo, vcard)
(o) Business Cards (o)
(o) DIY Handouts (o)
(o) Printed Tissue
(o) rubber stamp
(o) Printed Circle Planes
(x) squirrel hat
(x) t-shirts

(o) = check
(x) = abondoned
(-) = in progress