Princes Auto is a good place to buy motors

I was at Princess Auto recently and noticed they have lots of motors of all sizes.

I think I have enough motors for my projects but at least we know one more place to go to get stuff quickly.

Rolling Tool Storage

tool storage

I want one but they seem so expensive:

For example:

Princes Auto $400
Canadian Tire $250

They have a couple nice ones at Artengine. I suppose the one at Canadiantire above isn’t so bad. But it’s smaller.

Where to get one of those on the cheap?

Woah! What about Wallmart 90.00? What am I missing?


Here’s a couple from Home Depot: 128, 249.

I went to Home Depot (Mar 26) and they have lots on sale. I got an awesome one for 350.

I had to rent a truck to get it home (only 20.00).

It’s even bigger than I needed but I think it will be a good way to organize the shop.