Compac MP 1600 restoration

I’d like to use an overhead projector for presentations. There are many venues with TV sets and projectors that you can plug into but I want to increase flexibility in this area.

I have an projector that works except after about 10m it shuts down. After it sits you can run it some more.

I’m betting that it is overheating. I took it apart to discover that one of the fans is not running properly because it’s vibrating. Probably out of lubrication. It’s the larger of the two fans underneath the lamp.

Challenge: I can’t get this @#$@$#$%$%^ thing apart!

Perhaps there is a way to lubricate the fan from the view in the picture?

Challenge: What glue works good for high temperature?

After I get the fan going properly, I need to glue a little shield back over the fan hub. I’m assuming this is a heat reflector to keep the lamp heat out of the fan motor.