Convert engraver (Roland CAMM-2 PNC-2000) to mill?

Okay, I got a lead on an old engraver. It’s a Roland 20x14x1cm with a small belt driven spindle. ¬†Quite small but it might make a fun learning project for me.

Seller claims it’s working but when I went to look at it, it doesn’t. Spindle motor does not run plus the spindle belt drive is fried. I was able to power up the controller but knowing this thing is about 24 years old, I don’t think it would run on a current computer system. (Besides, the software’s not included).

Another challenge is that I’m not sure this works like a CNC machine exactly. I think it works like a printer. You set the depth and you print to it from your computer. I’m not sure about this but I noticed that there were people on the internet looking for printer drivers for this machine. If this is true, then the only real option to get it to behave like a CNC is probably to replace all the electrical with something compatible with Mach III or EMC2. Or perhaps there is some special software that will allow it to be used like a CNC machine.

I just checked the EMC2 compatibility at and I don’t see anything from Roland listed.

Challenge: I think if I got it, I could gut the electrical and electronics and try and run the hardware off of some newer electronics.

What do you think? The machine specifications are at:

Monday afternoon will be decision time for this machine!

It is a Roland CAMM-2 PNC-2000.

Update Dec 6 (pictures from my visit last week)

Not sure how clear this is but you can see that the belt is sagging. I suspect it isn’t an expensive part but it makes me wonder what else could be wrong.

Update: I was outbid at the auction so looks like I will not be able to do this project.

The bitter who outbid me was under the impression it was working as is so they will be thrilled to find out it needs a spindle belt, the spindle to be fixed and may need all the electronics replaced to act as a mill. I suppose they could have purchased it for parts if they already have the same one and it needs service too.