Sasktatoon Hackspace

Payed a visit to the Saskatoon Hackspace today.

What an amazing community. It’s a totally citizen run do-ocracy. Lots of amazing people and amazing projects!

I brought my brother Brett who was also amazed by the space.

They have a CNC router, RepRap and lots more!

Here are a couple of cool features:

1) They have lots of small containers that are labeled with peoples names. They use them to store their stuff/projects.

2) They are completely member run and member funded. I think this gives them a sense of freedom. They can do whatever they want to the space.

3) Do-ocracy. If you want to do something, you just do it. No sense of entitlement that an organization or democracy can deliver what you want. I think this is the way to go since it’s agile, efficient and effective. (See theĀ CathedralĀ and the Bazaar).

4) The community was incubated 0n-line until they accrued enough money and interest to rent a space. Then they went for it. It’s about a year or so old I think.

5) They have a safety officer.

Saskatoon Hackspace

I just discovered there is a hackspace in Sasktatoon! Wohoo.

220 20th St West, Studio D (in the basement)

Pubs that come forward from the Hackspace:

The Yard (2)
Flagon (2)
Freehouse, on Spadina

Whiskey Jacks isn’t unbearable if you can stand karaoke.