We pay for software so it works right?

This is the idea. Open source has no support but much of it is free to use.

We get our heads past commercialized software such as Microsoft Windows and Access because it works and there’s support right?

Here’s a problem that’s been unsolved for ages.

Microsoft Access is a really nice piece of software by the way. Too bad it’s so expensive and you have to keep buying it again (upgrading).

Software projects in the pipe!

Not that I don’t have enough things to do but I’ve taken on some creative work with software.

I will blog about that at Siteware and Generalsocial.

Siteware will be about the technical nature of the development of software and generalsocial will be on some of the social uses of software.

HackOTT a big Success!

HackOTT paper plane!

HackOTT was amazing!

Circle plane is the official paper plane for HackOTT! Download your HackOTT paper plane! Wohoo. I also sponsored the event by making a donation and giving Squirrel Model Planes for prizes.

If you need help making your circle plane here are video instructions on how to make them:

Circle Plane Video

Shopify was a gracious host for the event.

It was really great to connect with my friends from the software community. I also met lots of new friends!

I actually started a software project! Umm… well, I restarted it. I didn’t submit it to the contest but I will finish the project on my own.

The design of the event was to inspire the use of the API’s presented but it also inspires people to create in general.

That’s what I got from the event.


Social tonight at Mercury Grove for software development social tomorrow. Teams will build software using locally made APIs.

The event is tomorrow at Shopify from 9-5. There are prizes for the development teams.

I donated money and Squirrel Model Airplanes.

Check out the eggsecutives of Shopify here: http://www.shopify.com/about

Making Software

I think I will attend HackOTT. I think it will be fun to hang out with some of my old software friends (and some new ones).

I have a collection of software projects that are underway but with my manufacturing projects they’re not getting much service. 🙂 Perhaps this will prime it a bit.

Good Bye Windows

throwing out useless software

Over the years I have bought Microsoft Windows and other products. I kept most of the disks and keys but none of it will install. This makes it more tempting to just buy another computer (which will have another Windows licence with it).

It’s bad because if your PC goes down you are stuck until you buy something to get it going or just install linux (ubuntu).

In the older days PCs that came with windows had disks to install for the event of hard disk loss. These days, you have to make them yourself. I used to collect all them but it’s hard to keep track of which disks go with which computer.

I currently have about 18 computers (servers, desktops and such). Most came with Windows installed but no disks to reinstall.

I have a computer down and wanted to install Windows so I could run some software that requires Windows.

I went through my disks and there is nothing there that will install. I have an XP Professional that I purchased but it’s not working for some reason. I called Microsoft but they want 70.00 dollars to talk about it.

I will probably install Ubuntu.