ModLab is the place to be


Last nights modlab was a blast (ModLab is the open house of ArtEngine the Ottawa HackSpace).

A newcomer made his first solder connection!

Lots of microprocessor and Arduino activity. An LED game of life. A controller for an autonomous quadracopter (in progress), a musical hat and much more.

Also the new laser was sitting around. This will have a lot of positive impact on the space I’m sure. Currently a solution for air cleaning is being looked at.

I had my drawbots running. I found that it runs nicely on 9v or 6v for motor power. You get .7A and .5A respectively. Quieter on 6v. Also we ran the same drawing more than once and observed some reasonable repeatability.

We actually made a happy face with the drawbot. Mike cooked up a happy face and transferred the data into the drawbot.

I attended a brief aftersocial at a Scottish pub but kept it very short and light since I was pretty bushed.

Art and Technical Communities

I’ve always been very active in the business community. Recently I’ve been attending art and technical communities.

The business communities tend to organize their outings in a variety of ways. Some are very structured with an MC, speakers, facilitators and other services. Others are very unstructured such as after hours pub meetups and parties.

I’ve had a number of discussions with some of my new friends where the idea of adding more structure to the art and technical meetups came up.

I suggested that the open configuration of the meetups might actually be very functional and attempts to structure it may harm the viral nature of creativity and the rate at which relevant social ties that get formed. I likened the unstructured social as a Bazaar.

My argument is that the core activity which is unstructured should probably stay in place and then people could opt into other activities that might be more structured.

I’m curious to hear what you think? Feel free to email me or comment here!