Sister Wendy and TED

I am a huge fan of Sister Wendy.

I highly recommend checking out her view of things.

TED (which I also strongly recommend), seems to lack a lecture from Sister Wendy.

I can’t believe this is true. But it is:

Sister Wendy does not live in TED.

Chris Anderson! Please notice this post!!!

I think it’s an opportunity to connect an important thinker to the TED network.

The Universe came from a Chicken

That and other amazing statements.

This guy makes the most sense of most the the physics types I’ve heard in a while…

Do you get excited about numbers and stats? Check this out!

I’m working on several projects that involve sharing numbers and statistics on the internet. I’m planning on using PHP to render different graphs and charts and let the users click around to aggregate things differently or change the order of things.

Obviously these number representations are very good. I’m not sure I’ll be able to do that much in PHP. I wonder if there are any open source tools for displaying numbers. I will go to Han’s Web site and take a look around. Perhaps they’ve opened up some of their software.