More perpetual heads

Recently my friends and I were approached by a guy flogging perpetual motion. Dave claimed he could make a perpetual motion machine using magnets. He said it was so easy that a 12 year old could make it and he drew a diagram. In the end Dave never made the machine. He tried to approach our group to talk up perpetual motion again but we’re still waiting for him to make the machine in his claim. I actually put together the machine from his diagram while I was doing a presentation for the Inventors Association on how to make things. I figured the next time we are at a social it would make a great conversation piece for the topic.

I’m interested in the personality and thinking flaws that lead to these sorts of claims and how people can argue something without proving it to themselves or others. Some of them are like Dave and they simply never make the machine so the idea is never tested. I noticed these types are highly prone to go into some sort of rant or rage if you challenge them. They tend to try to disprove your credibility rather than prove their own claim.

During the discussion with Dave one of the guys mentioned Thane Heins since he was local to Ottawa. I saw quite a bit of stuff around the internet on his “Perepiteia” machine. I was able to find him in online so I messaged him to invite him to demonstrate his machine. It’s been about 3 weeks ago and he’s not responded yet. After a couple of weeks I cut the online connection since it was pretty clear he won’t demonstrate.

Another common feature I’ve noticed in many perpetual motion claimers and dreamers (over unity and free energy too) is the inability to understand and measure what’s going on. And then of course to make their measurements and calculations public so people can evaluate them.

This came to light for me recently when I watched a video in youtube (I’ll post when I find the link again). The guy had a DC motor he was driving it with another DC motor using a power source (he had a rubber tube coupler). He measured a higher voltage on the motor being driven than the power source. He claimed his system was “over unity” because of this voltage increase. It made me realize how important it is to understand measurement (not to mention what is being measured). I wanted to make a response to the video showing me with a beer. I’d measure the height of the beer and then pour the beer into a different glass. In the new glass I would measure a greater height and claim that I was creating beer.

Anyways, since I’ve cut the online connection to Thane Heins, I moved this here so I can respond further.