Time Lapse Photography and CHDK

I’ve been wanting to try this and I happen to need another digital camera. I figure this is a great chance to try out CHKD which is an open source project that gives ordinary Canon Powershot cameras the ability to do things such as motion detection, time lapse and many other advanced features.

The challenge: Which Canon camera to get?

There is a list of the cameras that support CHDK. There are a lot of cameras available from Canon. What I’ve been doing is when I see a model then I go to the list to see if it’s supported. If it’s supported then I will look further at the model of camera. But most of the time the camera isn’t supported so I’d like to work backwards. I’d like to know which of the cameras work really well with CHKD. Then I can go looking for that camera. This one seems okay at first glance: “Canon PowerShot SD780 IS 12.1 MP Digital Camera”. Is there anybody out there who knows their line of cameras?

Cannon Powershot A720 IS

Okay, I got my hands on this camera a couple of days ago (Jan 2, 2011). I’ve got CHDK running. Seems pretty cool. Now I guess I need to learn how to use scripting and all the advanced stuff. Looks like the features they talk about are not in the camera. You have to write and load scripts into the camera using your computer. I will try CHDK for a while and see how well things work out.

Here’s an example. Apparently the code is here. I’m supposing the manual for CHDK is here. More movies!

Apparently you can use ffmpeg to convert a bunch of pictures into a video:


January 10th, 2011 update:

I just learned that Majic Lantern will work on the Cannon dLSR cameras. I will look into this since a digital SLR is on my todo list. More info. The Cannon 5D Mk III looks a little pricey but I’ll look into it anyway.