V-grove bearings for laser

I’m changing the bearings on my laser system to v-grove.

It seems fairly inexpensive. I only have one 36″ piece of v-grove for the short axis and a pair for the 40″ axis. The short axis uses plain bearings everywhere else except the one v-grove. And there will just be two v-grove bearings ($20.00).

I’ve also made the body of the bearing trucks in two pieces so it can adjust.

Does this look like it will work?

Small pulleys and gears

I am doing lots of projects that have small motors in them. Sometimes these little motors have pulleys on them because they’ve been pulled out of some device. Often they don’t.

Where can I get these? The motors tend to have small sizes like 3mm, 6mm, 1/8th”, 3/16th” and so forth.

Obviously they exist because how else can you use these motors?


Michael: You can make pulleys on one of your CNC mills… Clamp the stock in the chuck and mount a cutting tool on the table, instant lathe…

me: That’s a great idea! So I’m down to:

-Finish my plastic extruder http://mambohead.com/2011/05/makergear-extruder-batch-5/ (that might be okay for making some press on ones)

-Finish the A-Axis for my mill. http://mambohead.com/2011/02/4th-axis/ I’ve already upgraded the electrical to a 4-axis and I have the chuck (with a 1/2-20 thread on it’s backplate). All I need to do is get the chuck mounted and a stepper connected. I’m figuring a timing belt is the answer. I got some aluminum. I still need the timing pulleys and belt, bearings and the 1/2-20 threaded rod to use as a shaft.
-Try your method. I guess I could get a chunk of plastic (perhaps acrylic rod) into the chuck. I suppose if I pretended that the ZY axis is the XY axis and just make gcode to the profile of the pulley it would work. But how to get the hole into it to press on the motor?
Actually your method would work great by just mounting the stock in a drill chuck and then turning it manually with some cutting tool. I suppose it might be easy to find the center for drilling while it’s in the chuck as well.

Michael: Instead of holding the outer diameter of the stock…
Manually drill a hole of the correct size in the stock…
Use a bolt and nut around through the stock and hold the bolt in the chuck…

knurled nuts.

I think this will work. But this conversation with Michael and the thoughts about small pulleys brought back some memories from my childhood. What I was doing then was putting a small piece of rubber tubing on the motor.

Then I could screw on a knurled nut which I got off of old batteries (yep, I’m that old). It worked really well. I don’t know how that little gem got hidden in my memory.

So I just need to find sources of small tubing. The stuff I was using was black and had a very small hole in the center so it would stretch onto almost any small shaft.