JackPlate V2

I made another Jackplate for my friend Sanjay.

The first one came out with the wrong dimensions for some reason.

This time I added some features to make it snap together for fun. I think this isn’t worth it for a one of like this but could sure make things go faster if you are making a log of something.

It was a lot faster to glue together.

What I did was added a “plunge” at the corners to make sure the pieces fit. There was an issue in that the phlatboyz plugin for sketchup didn’t do all the plunge holes. I’m a little puzzled. I just cut out a bit with the dremel where it missed and everything went together okay.

Switched power supplies and ON-OFF switches


I have one of those switched power supplies. The 120V side has terminals L, N and G. “G” is ground.

Should I add my power switch to the L side or the N side?

I think of of L and N are grounded so it needs to be the one that isn’t. Right?

Wiring a Nema 17 Controller

I have this Nema 17 controller and I’m just wiring it up now. It has some confusing documentation.

The wires are Red, Green, Black and Blue.

The motor diagram is labeled A, B, C and D.

The controller diagram is labeled A- A+ B- B+.

Anybody know what the standards are for labeling?

Different stepper motor shafts


The electrical of my mill is sort of fried so I am wanting to put on my Zylotex 4-axis system which is probably much better.

Then once I’m finished making my 4th Axis, I will be all set.

I was just looking at the steppers on my mill and noticed that the shafts are 5/16 inches. How rude, the motors that came with my Zylotex are 1/4″ shaft.

The motors on the machine are:

  • 57BYGH636-41B
  • 1.8 degree
  • 3A
  • NO: 20101024
  • Shaft measures 0.315 (5/16) inches
  • Wires: Blue, Green, Red, Yellow


The ones I was about to put on are:

  • Zylotex
  • 23H276-28-4B
  • 2.8A/phase
  • 1.9Nm
  • MS Motor
  • Made in China
  • 2010/05/05
  • Shaft: 1/4 inches
  • Wires: Blue, Green, Red, Black

Its probably easier to just drive the old motors with my Zylotex drivers. Is it safe to just plug those motors in? Do I just pretend that the yellow is black or what?


Early this morning I was looking at my CNC mill since the last time I ran it, it started missing steps like mad. It was intermittent.

The problem is on the X-Axis. I’ve already fixed a connection on that axis right after the machine was delivered. I’ll have a look at it tonight.

I have a complete backup electrical system for it so I’ll deploy that (probably a day’s work) if I can’t get to the bottom of it right away. My backup system is a great deal better than the one it came with so I’ll just leave that on it and then use the electrical it came with on another project.