WordPress Meetup

We had a small adhoc meetup last night since my friend Vanessa needed a bit of guidance with her Web projects. Was fun. Here you see her with Kevin who is a musician/writer/artist.

WordPress in Ottawa

I’ve been organizing some WordPress meetups in Ottawa for some time now.

I thought I should let people know about some of the other happenings and phenomena.

There’s WordCamp that comes up once in a while.

Also, there is The Ottawa WordPress Developers. They seem to be a bit inactive.

A new Meetup group seems to be emerging. They are withing the meetup system and are affiliated to a company that sells WordPress training. I checked their course schedule and it’s rather expensive. I think the whole point of WordPress is not to fall down a Web site money hole.

Their events look interesting though and I will go to some of them. I did mention when I signed up in meetup that I am running a WordPress group and why not merge them. He hasn’t answered but I suppose its because my interest (which is just WordPress and building a community around it) is different (building a community with proximity to a business).

WordPress Lab a great success

We had 4 people. I did a brief presentation on Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Hendrik is aiming to have 10 blogs for 10 locals for his Ottawa based home inspection business. He currently has three running. He’s been using drupal.

John is an actor at New Theater Ottaw which is a resident at Artscourt. He is endevoring to improve the Web site. I was able to show him a couple of tips for using WordPress.

The Ottawa WordPress Group

Let’s have another WordPress meetup tomorrow night!

Let’s have another WordPress meetup tomorrow (Tuesday from 6-7pm). Atomic Rooster (303 Bank near Somerset, lots of street parking).

Plan: At 6:10pm each person can have 5m to tell the group about their projects and current challenges. For the rest of the time some people will probably sit quietly and work on their projects (via laptop) and others will collaborate to help solve problems.

1) Please let me know if your coming. If you’re unsure if this meetup is up your alley here’s a checklist:

a) I have a blog (or want one).
b) I want to find out what a blog is or why I should have one.
c) I have a passion, hobby or business and I think it could benefit from being on the Web.
d) I have questions and I want to ask them around.
e) I have a blog and I’m not active with it yet so I think if I met up with a group to work on it, I’d be more active.

2) We’ll have another one next week (Tuesday, August 30th, 6pm, 303 Bank Street, Ottawa) same time and place. Please let me know if you’re coming to that too.

3) If this is the first WordPress related invitation you may not be on my general invitation list. Make sure you reply to tell me if you want to be on the general list to receive the invitations.

4) If you are already on the list to receive these notices please let me know that you wish to remain on it. I’ll automatically remove you if I don’t hear back. (Just for this run since I think I have a few people on the list that will not ever attend).

5) Please send me a list of your projects so I can put a list of all the projects within this group into my blog. Please send your URL and about 5 words to describe it. You can list projects that are proposed and also emerging (vs. established). Even projects that have no Web address yet (if you are wanting to get those projects onto the Web).

Learn WordPress!


If you have or want to have a WordPress Web site, this is the meet-up for you! Come and meet others who are working on projects that require Web presence. We usually just sit and work on our projects with our laptops. People help each other. If you have a blog it is also a good chance to sit down and work on your content.

We’re doing a get together tomorrow night. Bring your laptop and come and hang out. Atomic has free wifi.

Tuesday, August 16th, 6-7pm, 303 Bank Street, Ottawa, Ontario (Atomic Rooster)

Please let me know so I can reserve the right sized table.

eProduct WordPress Theme problems!

eProduct - Quick, professional online presences for digital goods in minutes.

I’m looking at making a Web site to sell model planes. I decided to try one of those pay themes.

I found the eProduct WordPress Theme after some searching.

As you can see in the screenshot at the right their Web page says “Quick, professional online presences for digital goods in minutes”.

Well that’s not the case. After having paid the 70 or so dollars through paypal, they did not email me the template or mail me a link. I received my paypal receipt so they have the money. I received an unsolicited email “Thank you for subscribing and welcome to templatic.com” with a userID and password for their forums.

The act of buying something should not necessarily mean to “subscribing to something else”.

All these emails and no link to the product download.

I went to my paypal transaction and emailed the email there. It bounced back. I went to their site noticing that it had a different domain name than the email in the paypal transaction. I used the root of the email but changed the domain. It bounced back. I found another email on their Web site. It bounced back.

I subscribed to their problem report system to submit a request for support. No answer except more piles of garbage emails confirming my email and accepting my problem report.

Eventually I opened a dispute on the paypal transaction. Still don’t have their attention.

I noticed on the page where you buy the theme further down there is a place where you can test the theme. I tried that. Of course that’s another sign up.

So now I have a subscription to their community, an account in their customer support system, a test account (all with different passwords), I’ve paid 70 bucks.

But no Online Presence in Minutes. In fact a lot of hours have gone by.

eProduct WordPress Theme

I did try my account to test the product at their site where I ran into a bunch of questions/problems.

Here are the questions so far:

  • Front footer settings: I noticed feature box 1 through 4 and testimonials are not clickable (to go to a URL). Is it possible to make it clickable?
  • The word BLOG appears in the menu. Can it be changed to Gallery?
  • Terms and Conditions and Privacy policy pages are shown at the lower right. What controls this? Can I have other pages at the lower right like that? If I delete a lower right page and add it again where will it appear? In the regular menu at the top or the lower right?
  • When viewing the blog (clicking blog), I can’t see any posts unless I make them Category=blog (and pick that in the control panel). How to just have all the blog posts showing?
  • There’s no next post link in the blog? How can they navigate to older posts?
  • Can I have the flicker photostream open in a new window?
  • Does your theme work with Akismet?
  • Does your theme work with “Google Analytics for WordPress“?
  • Does your theme work with Share and Follow?

I’m a little concerned they a bit fly by night and my questions will go unanswered and I will get the product eventually but it wont work. It will probably get the money back through paypal but it will probably take a while unless they eProduct (without the product) cooperates.

All I have is 19 emails (confirmations and my own emails trying to solve problems). But no solution for my Web site.

Perhaps I’ll try Cubit. It looks nice and it’s much cheaper.

Update (next day): Still no sign of a download link or an email telling me what to do. It is over 24 hours.

I think we can safely say that Templatic eProduct WordPress Theme has no support.

WordPress Workshop at Artengine Packed!

I did a workshop on WordPress for Artengines workshop series. It took place last night in the SAW Lab at 2 Daly.

We packed the place and everybody gave great feedback. There was also a silly penguin.

The structure of the presentation was as follows.


-Why WordPress? It’s fun and easy!

-Three ways to set up your WordPress site: Extremely easy, very easy and easy.

-The main features of a WordPress site: Pages, Posts, Categories, Tags

-The admin panel: Pages, Posts, Categories, Tags, Pictures, Youtube videos

-Other topics included, a few Search Engine Optimization (SEO) concepts, resizing graphic images with GIMP.

If you have questions or comments, don’t hesitate to contact me. On request, I’ll post a summary of the material from the presentation for those who don’t take notes.

WordPress Lab Tomorrow Night

Tomorrow evening at Artengine I will be giving a presentation for beginners on WordPress.

If you are thinking about having a Web site or a blog, this free workshop is for you!

The official listing is at Artengine’s site but it lacks an address so here are the full details:

Using WordPress
Instructor: Darcy White
Thursday, April 28th, 2011
7:00PM – 9:00PM
SAW Studio, Free
2 Daly, Ottawa

I’ve been successful at parking on Dalhousie for free. There is 4.00 parking across the road from it as well.

WP Lab Report


Worked on a few WordPress projects.

The venue was nice and quiet once the band wrapped up (just as we started).

I have some video of the band but I’ll post that later.

We had fun.

More work to do.

We worked on some new blogs.

We’ll meet again this week.

Here are some “bad pictures” from the meetup.

Ottawa WordPress Lab 000 000 000 000 000 000 003

I’ve got a request to help somebody with a wordpress problem. So let’s do a meetup tonight and all work on our projects together!

WordPress meetup Ottawa 000 000 000 000 000 000 002


Last night I called a last minute WordPress Lab since I had a couple of people interested in it.

Steve came to work on his blog.

Eric and I worked on a printing project.

Joanne came to socialize.

It was fun!

I’ll call the next one late this week or whenever I get some people that are interested or are stuck on something.

I think Steve is still working on something so I’m sure he’ll be game for one soon.

WordPress Workgroup tonight at Lieutenant’s Pump

I’m going to work on projects and a meeting so let’s have a work session at LT Pump.

Let me know if you’re coming!

WordPress Lab Ottawa

We had a great meetup last week.

The following blogs are involved so far:

http://www.PracticalSocial.com (emerging)
http://www.toneGen.com (emerging)
http://vastexpanses.wordpress.com/ (emerging)

Of course there are my blogs (not sure what the current count is. :))

Today is Wednesday, March 9th, 2011. If there are any bloggers that want to meet up for an hour tonight, let me know. If I hear from anybody I will be at Atomic Rooster for 7:30pm to work on blog projects. If I hear from someone I’ll send a note out to the people on the list to confirm.

WordPress plug-in for watermarks


I installed a plugin to mark all the images.

It has lots of options for color, size, font and which types of images get the watermark.

Does it clutter the site too much?