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28th Jul 2012

Raster Drawbot

This just in from Jason Williams.

21st Mar 2012

Drawbot prior art

I was just poking around looking at other drawbots and came across this awesome complete list of drawing robot prior art.   Links: Der Kritzler by Alex Weber Polargraph by...

12th Mar 2012

Small drawbot pen holder installed.

I managed to get the new gondola design installed on the baby sized drawbot. I already see a lot of problems. For instance I could mount the pen at the...

02nd Mar 2012

Chaser package for damaged drawbot

So I cooked up some parts to repair the drawbot that was shipped the other day. Took a couple extra days since I blew up the laser and had to...

19th Feb 2012

Child’s impression of a drawbot

I was very pleased to receive this drawing of Mr. Drew that was done on the feedback forms form the art gallery. The child drew the drawbot.

10th Feb 2012

New Drawbot Spool out of testing

I redesigned the spools using a lug nut to hold four layers together. Also, the holes are the threads are such that when you tighten the lug nuts, the hole...

02nd Feb 2012

Drawbot stuff

I think I will add a kickstand to my gondola design. As you can see in the pictures below I’m using a pencil to keep the pen from running while...

30th Jan 2012

San Antonio Drawbot 2nd window

The show is going well in San Antonio. Three more months to go.  

02nd Jan 2012

Wheeled drawbot

Here’s an interesting drawbot (make article).

28th Dec 2011
test 5-1000

Drawbot Spool Slip

A bit of spool slip in the Texas installation. It’s been corrected. Everything is working now except we need to now load the machine dimensions into the controller so the...

27th Dec 2011

Drawbot operation

Now that your drawbot is installed and working here are some finer points on using the polargraph technique. 1) The configuration file has the following parameters. If you match the...

25th Dec 2011

More Drawbots!

I’ve been enjoying this project quite a bit and am doing a round of improvements before I make a batch of these machines. Basically I have a few friends who...

24th Dec 2011
robot drawing

Lines on drawbot

Sandy Noble has lines working on his drawbot project. Have a look at this awesome video!

22nd Dec 2011

Mr. Drew drawbot software fast track

Once you have your drawbot wired up and connected to your computer (but the controller is not plugged to the 120V wall outlet) you’re ready for software! There are lots...

16th Dec 2011

New Gondola for Drawbot

I spent about 10h in the lab making a new gondola, electrical cabinet and new spool holders for the drawbot. I compressed it into a 2m video for fun. I...

05th Dec 2011

145pm drawbot start

I’m running the biggest job yet. The system is estimating quite a bit of time, I may need to pause it at night as it needs supervision at this point...